Starter Shells for DIYers

Are you the kind of person who wants to put your own personal touch and sweat equity into a project? We’ve got the perfect setup for you!

We are pleased to be the only tiny home builder in the United States offering custom built starter shells. We work closely with you to develop the complete design so that we can construct our trailer frames and home shells to fit seamlessly into exactly how you plan on finishing it.

How it works: 

When you contact us about building a starter shell, we will walk you through the design process and collaborate to determine a finished product. From there, you decide what aspects of the build you’d like to do yourself and what aspects you’d like us to handle. We’ll give you a price based on our custom details and begin building your tiny home. When we’ve completed our portion of the build, we will hand off the project to you and close out our end leaving you free to get the creative juices flowing!

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