Building A Tiny Home: The Build Process

Our Philosophy

Northern Tiny Living was founded on the idea that people are unique and deserve to live exactly how they want to live … not in some cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all unit. Building a Tiny Home with us gives you the freedom of movement you desire, while the custom interiors can give your home the feel of a craftsman cottage or a sleek modern flat.

Drawing on 20+ years of construction experience, our goal is to bring a durability to Tiny Homes that many other builders lack. Everyone loves a maintenance free home and Tiny Home owners are no exception. Our construction techniques are geared toward addressing the unique stress that a Tiny Home encounters in travel and on location.

Get in touch with us today and put our workmanship guarantee to the test!

Custom Designs

While we are in the process of developing several model series’ for our Tiny Homes, custom builds are our specialty! Whether you’ve been brainstorming design ideas on your own or are ready to get some professional help with the process, we provide free quotes to help you refine the build. Send us an email with some details and we’ll get the ball rolling!


Building A Tiny Home – Start to Finish

The Foundation

Just like any quality structure, a good tiny home begins with a flawless foundation. We custom fabricate our trailer frames in our shop using high quality steel.

building a tiny home - frame

This particular model called for heavier materials and so we created a trailer frame with three axels.

building a tiny home - trailer frame

Energy Efficiency

Northern Tiny Living is based in central Wisconsin … an area that is no stranger to heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures! For this build, we beefed up the insulation so that the floors and walls have an insulation value of R-21 and the ceiling has a value of R-35. The picture below highlights the spray-foam insulation in the floor cavities of this home.

building a tiny home - insulated frame

Detailed Framing

Framing the structure is our favorite part of the build! Because we specialize in designing and building custom tiny homes, every structure is unique and framing is a joy. The tiny home below has unique octagonal windows and a spacious loft area.

building a tiny home - wood frame

Superior Weatherproofing

For additional weatherproofing, we add a layer of “house-wrap” over our plywood sheathing as seen below.

building a tiny home - sheathing

Custom Interiors

This particular tiny home build called for cedar ceilings and custom cabinetry. Trim work on a tiny home is almost as much fun as framing!

building a tiny home - interior

The Final Product

building a tiny home - final product

When you first lay eyes on your tiny home, knowing that you got exactly what you wanted in your design, the feeling is unmatched! All that remains is choosing how best to put it to use!

Ready to start building a tiny home?

Send us a message on our Contact Page and let us know how we can help you make your dreams a reality.

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